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So Many Roads, So Little Time
"You don’t stop riding because you get old, You get old because you stop riding!"

My fascination with two-wheels goes a long way and here is a list of the bikes I have owned so far.

 Silly-Milly tricycle Model from the 60s
That's me at 3 years and though not two-wheels exactly, I guess that handlebar was the original inspiration for all the two-wheel madness later in life!!
 Lambretta LI150 scooter 1964 model
My dad's scooter on which I first learnt to ride a powered two-wheeler. Still fresh in my memory is that special feeling for the first time when I slowly released the clutch & the scoot started to inch forward on its own power. It was heavy & built like a tank, but an absolutely reliable machine that just ran and ran and ran.....


 Yamaha RD350 1984 model
My first bike with my own money and a bike that still gives me goosebumps (and sadly miss the bike till this day). A fabulous machine from Japan that has very few comparisons in its class. OK, that's the only pic I have of my bike & was shot after an event in ethnic dressing! So excuse the ATGATT (All the gear all the time)...!
 Yamaha Virago XV750 1992 model
After I moved to Saudi Arabia for work, I thought I was now a cruiser guy and really enjoyed this bike. But when the local Harley Chapter in Jeddah was taking its roots, the grass looked greener on the other side……HOG here I come!


 Harley Davidson Sportster
 883 Custom
2000 model
It was sure cool to be seen with the Harley group with all the bells & whistles and I enjoyed every bit of the HOG experience, except riding this bike! The solid mounted engine vibrated like hell and the suspension was too hard for my liking, while my lower back somehow did not like the forward foot controls.
 BMW R1100RT 1996 model
Had been reading a lot about BMW bikes and by now somehow was also getting the feeling cruisers were just not my thing. To this date not a fan of BMW cars, but this bike way back then itself introduced me to the wonderful world of BMW motorcycles with fuel injection, ABS etc and the even more wonderful experience of sport touring which was outstanding. It served me without trouble for many thousands of enjoyable kilometers.


 Kawasaki Z1000 2007 model
A fantastic all round bike. Naked, powerful and nimble handling. Windblast was an issue for extended hours on the saddle but over all an absolute fun bike.
 BMW R1200GS 2005 model
The big daddy of enduro bikes, the SUV of bikes or whatever other superlatives to use, this is probably one of the finest bikes that I have ever ridden. Fits me like a glove, enjoy & cherish every moment I am spending with this bike.


 Kawasaki Concours-14 2013 model
Although the allure of the BMW boxer engines is irresistible for me with tens of thousands of kms ridden on them, I have long cherished the wish to own this I-4 touring bike. And what a wild beast she is...its indeed a land based cruise missile!!! Enjoying piling up the miles on her.
 Triumph Bonneville SE 2015 model
For me Triumph has and will always be an iconic brand when motorcycles are talked about. I always wanted one in my garage, but minus the headaches of constant wrenching on vintage models. Hence added the retro Bonneville SE to my stable for what a motorcycle has always been about- Simple machine with 2 wheels and an engine between your legs, minus all the other tech gizmos. She is always a pleasure to ride at a relaxed pace on wonderful B-Roads.


 Harley Davidson Iron 883 (Customizing in Progress) 2011 model
Always had the urge to have a personally customized cruiser (lets say a poser bike!) and what better canvas than a Harley Davidson Sportster. Its presently going thru a customization process and will hopefully be done in a few months.....will update the finished product picture later.
Being a passionate biker, I respect & admire every biker on the road irrespective of his engine capacity or distance traveled. So here I urge all bikers to ride safely within their limits & use protective riding gear every time they mount their steeds. RIDE SAFE & RIDE HARD..

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