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So Many Roads, So Little Time
It was a pleasure sharing our biking passion with you and we sincerely thank you for your time & for dropping by. We also hope you have liked our endeavor and would be glad to hear your thoughts & comments:
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 Sourav B / India
It was great meeting you at Indimotard in Bangalore. Absolutely loved the Iceland video. Can only imagine how amazing an experience it must have been to see Iceland live. Keep exploring! Cheers!
 Amra / Bosnia & Herzegovina
A friend of mine sent me your website, and your stories, trips and rides really inspired me. I was specially happy to see that you visited my homeland - Bosnia. I wish you all the best in the future and will be happy to read more of your adventures. May Allah almighty keep you safe...
 Shaker / India
Dear Haroon and Zainaba, Good luck and all the best.
 Husen MBK / Saudi Arabia
I came to know about you through the article in Saudi Gazette. You are an inspiration to youngsters and bike riders and your website is very useful for long ride planning. Thank you for sharing your experience. Keep riding be safe and all the best.
 Hemkalyan Pandit / India
Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey of life. Three cheers to all of you.
Best wishes and miles and miles of beautiful journey ahead. Come to Goa to us....
 Albin Antony / India
Its good you guys keep the pace up. Good luck and keep the spirits high. All wishes from team Xbhp.
 Shrini / USA
Off the chain bro...your ride and the writing. Cheers.
 Wahab Poyakkara / UAE
Haroon and Farzana- Congrates on your achievements. Entry in Limca Book of Indian Records, Great. Expecting achieving more mile stones. Feel proud. Best wishes.
 Sanu / India
I am truly inspired by you. Even I ride with my wife all over India and I know how difficult it is sometimes. Now your blog has opened my mind and i will now for sure plan some rides outside India. Thank you and god bless.
 Santosh / India
Hi, Great stuff! Thanx for sharing your trips.. Greetings from Motorcycle Travelers Meet.
 Althaf / Saudi Arabia / India
Nice to know. True Miles and Miles to go before Sleep! Health Happiness and Blessings! Perhaps you can update the Well being section with tips of exercise which helps in Long rides.
 Abdul Rameez S / India / UAE
Fabulous Rafieliya & Farzauma. Hats off to both of you.
 Bala Murali / India
It is an immense pleasure to watch your Website- Very informative and well designed. I wish you all the best and Success on your World tours.
 Srinivas / India
I have been browsing through your website for hours now and am really moved by your passion for bikes and biking. Also, appreciate how you have managed to take time off in spending time on your passion. I loved the pictures in your various rides and specially admire your collection of SCALE MODELS, WOW I love your collection and they are quite a treat to my eyes.
 Rajesh / India
Wow, what an amazing adventures and I have been following your rides and very happy for you..I got your site when i was planning to prepare my blog on rides.
 Santosh Mhaskar / India
Its very inspiring and helpful for any level of tourer from any part of the world. I am new to the riding community (even after 5-6 years) but I always surprised to see there is more to learn. A few people are gifted to do whatever u liked in life and sharing that experience with others is true work of god. Proud of being Indian.
 Hambalala / South Africa
Your adventures and advise are valuable. Great to read your reports
 Natalia / Colombia
Haroon & Farzana - It is really fun to see your passion for riding reflected in this great website. You probably remember that we met on your way to Bogota. I love the fact that Colombia was included in your motorcycle trips and hope to see the pictures and read about your experience soon
 Paul / India
Salute you and your family for your passion. Have been following your travels for some time and find it most informative and inspiring
 Sanath / China
Informative - Inspiring - Interesting - Facts - Life of a Human being.... Showcased it well....Keep Going
 Papa Bear / New Zealand
Good stuff. Came across your website on YouTube. Cheers for sharing. Ride safe.
 Abhishek / India
Its been wonderful reading your travelogues and admiring the mother nature in all parts of world. Followed your travels to Europe and New Zealand.
Happy riding and be safe.
 Griffin / Malaysia
Hi bro. Great site. Many roads still out there. Ride safe
 Andrew / New Zealand
Stumbled on your site via your NZ write-up on ADV Rider. Love your passion for bikes and touring!
 Sethu / Singapore
Outstanding and well done - as I just saw your journey for last 2 decades post our last F2F meet in pictures. Brilliant to know you have sustained / grown your passion and your loved ones supporting the same. Safe rides and look forward to seeing you and your bikes soon! Cheers
 Ajay Ananth / India
Haroon Bhai, I am an absolute fan of your travelogues and photos and the gem of a person you are. Keep Riding, my best wishes to you and your family...May 2013 see you conquer more countries on motorcycles
 Sushil / India
Absolutely Loved your scale model collection. I wish to build something similar to the collection that you have!!! Keep Riding!!
 Wilson / India
Great work Haroon...really envy your passion for bikes. Keep it up and good luck. I am also interested in biking
 Ritesh / India
I read your complete blog for Europe trip. It's very nice. You explained everything very well. It's really one of the best blogs of bike touring I have ever read.
 Khaja Mohiyuddin / Bahrain
It's a very good website and was a pleasure going thru. May the almighty help u couple to explore his creation on 2 wheelers successfully & safely.
 Yaser / India/Saudi Arabia
Having followed your 3 big travelogues as they were being updated, having met you in person, the ride with you and the interactions.
All these have left a lasting impression on me and you truly are an inspiration. I just adore your passion and attention to detail in all the things you do. May the almighty bless you with the best of both the worlds and wishing you many many more rides.
 Joe Touet / USA
I hope you have a good and safe trip. I worked in Cape Town in 1957 and have good remember to work with nice people from India. God bless you and lots of Luck.
 Swapnil / India
I hope u break the records & finish all the continents....great work and good luck ahead....
 Madhavan / India
Congrats on your achievements till date and hope you guys finish all continents.....
 Mohsin / Canada
It is very inspiring to see you and farzana enjoying the ride. This is really very atypical of people from the indian sub-continent. Plus the web site has a positive and uplifting feel to it. So all the best for the future, there are lot of places to be explored yet!
 Abdallah Bin Mahfooz / Saudi Arabia
Mashaallah very good pictures, I am also planning to visit Cape Town, enjoy Life and see the beautiful world.
 Faisal / Saudi Arabia
After reading Investment Biker by Jim Rogers some years back the only thing on my mind was to get a bike and take off. Anyway still on the runway and glad to see someone on return landing. Keep riding.
 Eric / South Africa
Great times are made - Keep going...
 Ramesh Madhavan / India
Thats a wonderful set of collection you have (Real & Replica). Also appreciate your love for bikes and touring.
 Meeran / India
Hey Haroon, with every detail you explained about your European alps tour I just got carried away in my "day dreaming" mode. Beautiful, after reading this I have decided that at least once inshaallah I need to see this place on two wheels. And yes I could not resist bursting into laughter looking at that the day-4 video of you guys in Africa where the Cheetah just rolled towards you. Indeed, each tour was very well explained with lot of pics. Hope to see more tour reviews from both of you.
 Sankalp Desai / India
What a fantastic and resourceful site you have! Really amazed to see the passion with which you've followed your dreams. Enjoyed reading the wonderful travelogues and seeing the pics. May the lord bestow his blessings on your family and you to achieve your dream of exploring the world, little at a time.
 Majid Mohiuddin / Saudi Arabia
Haroon, you know, you transmit energy to others by virtue of your thrilling activities. I am sort of inspired. May the almighty bless you & your very lovely family. Keep the spirit up.
 Deepak Hegde / India
You sir, are incredible!! Truly inspiring, and also lucky that your better half shares your biking enthusiasm. I commend you on a terrific website and I really like the logo.
 Ranjeet / India
Undoubtedly one of the best biking blogs that I have ever read!!! Hats off to you, Rafique uncle and Farzana Aunty. You both have literally travelled SO MANY ROADS in SUCH A LITTLE TIME!!!
 Chithra / India
Wow.. So nice to have crossed your profile!
U guys r doing an amazing job!
All the best and ride safe!
 Mazhar Marzook / UAE
Now this is really a wonderful website to watch out for those who are planning any trips, coz U have explained in detail the way you both have ridden away in those regions. I like your African trip right from the beginning, when you posted ur comments/pics in FB, & here in this page this was completely like exploring again.....

Ultimately the one I like the most in this site is your scale models... I love the way you have displayed the bikes...

May the almighty bless you both to have more wonderful trips ahead...
 Bukhari AK / Indonesia
Great ride. Mrs Haroon very good photos. I like ur talent....Best of luck to both of you...
 Safuwana / India
Awesome pics and videos.... felt like i was on a trip to africa...Its the time for u both to look back with pride and satisfaction on your well lived moments and look forward to all the things you are yet to enjoy... All the best
May the almighty grant you sun beam to warm you.. moon beam to charm you.. and an angel so no one can harm you...
  Praneed Menon / India
It was a pleasure going through the website. Really you are having a nice time. Haroon.. your wife Farzana is a fantastic photographer.
 Rashada / India
weldone sissy n elaya...this is really good and having a look @ds site is like having a tour to alps...really a good job..and a great passion too..may the almighty bless u with many more trips on road :)
 Nashwin / India
Kudos to u Haroon. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself while you at it. The worlds your playground...have a ball.
 Nyju Thomas / Bahrain
Dear Haroon and Farzana,

All the very best.

Nyju and Family.
 RG / India
It give me immense happiness to have met one of the greatest motorcycling enthusiast & passionate person like you. No words can describe my deepest respect for your passion, down to earth personality & humbleness you have. Its a noble attitude that you've. My best wishes for your biking spirit to realize your dream on riding around the world. May your GS1200 conquer the Alaskan desert to Australian mountains.
Hey I did not know the time I have spent straight through, its past midnight, a great effort to do the trip and greater effort later have the patience and time to pool it up in this fashion. Felt I was part of the trip, the fourth. prayers galore.
 Ajay MC / India
Ride4Passion - Best way to put across your Passion for Biking & to share your immense Experience with other Bikers…
Website has come out great. Like the Logo :)
Best wishes on your current road trip and many more to come..
Cheers !! Ride Safe !!
  Abbas Perwad / UAE
Hi Haroon and Farzana,
I was not aware that you had such a beautiful website. I went through most of the stuff in this site. Everything in it from logo to write ups are wonderful. Very tastefully made and very professional. Wish you the very best of biking experience for many many years to come. 
Take care, A.Perwad.
  Noor & Hasy / Bahrain
May the almighty help u 2 souls to explore his creation on 2 wheels successfully & safely - With lots of love from NRJ family BAHRAIN.
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