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So Many Roads, So Little Time
"In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play"
Many years back an attempt to just collect a few BMW motorbike scale models for my living room gradually turned into a serious (& money spending!) hobby of scale model collection. I now have most of the famous brands of motorcycles in my collection with the absence of a few marques, all in 1:18 scale. And the collection is still growing……

As for my other collection, that's BUSES. From my childhood days as a kid deprived of basic toys, I had great affinity for buses. Every possible Colgate, Close-up or Binaca toothpaste cover box at home would be turned into a coach bus with me pasting doors, windows, windshields etc from paper and playing with it. Its only recently I have been able to find some really nice scale model buses. Mostly 1:64 scale. Storage space for a display with theme is a serious concern and I am working towards it.

Lastly, being in the contracting business, I collected a few models of construction/heavy equipment and that is prominently displayed in my office. I think when I have more space & money to spare, I will start collecting them in a larger way.

Scale model trains is a distant-distant dream, but will try it probably when I have a huge house, tons of money and lots of time post-retirement! Damn, I am being too optimistic.

Anyway for now, my Scale Model collections:

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